Bird Illness Update, August 5th 2021

Hello Friends,

David Mizejewski, naturalist and spokesperson with the National Wildlife Federation, has released a video update regarding the unknown bird illness in the mid-West and mid-Atlantic states that we know you will want to see. David is a much-sought-after expert on wildlife and the environment. You may already be familiar with him from the television series he has hosted on both Animal Planet and NatGeo WILD or his appearances on NPR’s Science Friday and other radio and television programs.

In the video, David references that the number of sick birds in the affected areas has continued to decline, the most likely cause of the illness is birds ingesting Brood X cicadas, and that it is not caused by any bacterial infections, viruses or other pathogens. He also says that it is probably safe to put your bird feeders and baths back out as long as you remember to keep them clean.

We know that many of you will be pleased to hear this good news and we promise to continue bringing you the most up-to-date information as it becomes available, so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not you feel comfortable feeding the birds. As of today, Mass Audubon and Mass Wildlife have not changed their recommendation to take in your bird feeders and baths. We will let you know when that happens.

Here’s the link to view David’s video update: Watch Video

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